Easter Torurnament 2012 [Constitution of the tournament]

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Easter Torurnament 2012 [Constitution of the tournament] Empty Easter Torurnament 2012 [Constitution of the tournament]

Mensagem  Azia.L em Ter Abr 03, 2012 1:30 am

Easter Tournament

I'll give you some informations about the tournament that we are organizing:
We'd like you all to participate and, of course, there's no need to be a PRO playing soccermod to play in this tournament, but to have fun(which is what we wish) and respect the rules. We'd be thankful to have more teams than the previous tournaments ones, and im sure we have the players to the job.

Tournament Staff: Stiff ; Aimar ; sSs ; Azia Lixada ; Kakuzo
CPS: Dexter and SkinN

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: As its established as CPS rule, all permanent banned players or just banned at the tournament days, you wont be able to participate!

Tournament's Shape: at the beggining we make a classification board with all the playing teams. And next all teams shall win points with the mini tournaments so that you can go to the last mini tournament which is the 5vs5. Only 4 teams get to make it though. The 4 first teams.
There are 2 mini tournaments per day, each will take half of the respective afternoon, but all mini-tournaments will begin at 2PM (Portugal Hour) and end at 7:30pm ( Portugal Hour ).Example: On wednesday would be since 2:30pm until 5pm the 2vs2 tournament, at 7:30 will be 3v3, just an example.

The Events will occur at this time :

Day 1 of the tournament will be (1st half) : 2vs2 ; (2nd half) : 3vs3
Day 2 of the tournament will be (1st half) : 4vs4 ; (2nd half) : 4vs4 (HandBall)
Day 3 of the tournament will be in the middle of the afternoon : 5vs5

Maps of the tournament:

2 vs 2 -> *
3 vs 3 -> *
4 vs 4 -> *
4 vs 4 [Handball] -> ka_soccer_handball_b01_5
5 vs 5 -> *

Referees :

Stiff , Azia , sSs , Aimar , Kakuzo , Ruii , Nasri.


IP :

Extra [¨]:

The points and maps will be decided today so pay attention to our announcements.
The Rules, Schedule and groups will be announced tuesday night, by midnight, ( portuguese hour )


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